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Financial Charting Component version 2.6.28039(just released on Sept 16,2014) is written in 100 percent C sharp with cutting edge .NET technology. In addition to its striking visual effects, it has a variety of features including charts with pan and zooming charting features: Point and Figure (exposed as API), Candlestick, Kagi, Renko, TLB; Data binding to CSV, XML, Array, Dataset. users can easily build their own trading systems and charting applications .

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The Financial Charting Component is a specifically designed, high end stock charting component. Its great features include:

  1. Written in 100 percent Visual C Sharp (CLS Compliant)

  2. Integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, 2005,2008, and 2010

  3. Friendly usability and interactivity.

  4. Point and Figure exposed as API

  5. FCC runs faster.

  6. Striking visual effects.

  7. Property grid logically and tightly grouped

  8. Pan and zoom in/out charting features.

  9. Many graphic shapes API for you to built interactive stock charting software.

  10. Candlestick, Kagi, Renko, Three Line Break (TLB), and more.

  11. Various kinds of popular moving averages such as HMA,EMA, MACD and more.

  12. Data binding to CSV, XML, Array, Dataset. No matter which data provider you can use FCC to draw charts.

  13. Capacity of processing a large volume of data (up to 100 years)

  14. Mathematical and financial engines.

  15. Tutorials and detailed user guide and programmer reference will help you to use FCC quickly.

With a basic knowledge of VB dot net and C Sharp, users can easily build their own stock charting applications and trading systems using its mathematical and financial engines. Over 30 tutorials have been built to help users pick up the tools in a fast and easy way. Risk free 30 days trial, demos, and tutorials are available.

Point & Figure Charts software(just released on April 6,2013) can create various technical indicator charts to help users identify buy-and-sell signals. It takes free market data from Yahoo and MetaStock data. It is packaged with a free downloader to download stock data from the Internet(Worthy $50 credit).

Point & Figure Charts software is an interactive stock analysis tool. It can create various technical indicator charts to help users identify buy-and-sell signals. It takes market stock data from Yahoo,Opentick and data in MetaStock format. It is packaged with a free downloader to download stock data from the Internet.

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The Premier Feature:

Point & Figure Chart is implemented with classic scale ad custom scale. With one click users will get Point & Figure chart with various technical indicators.

Key Features:

Candlestick, Three Line Break (TLB), KAGI, MACD, stochastic oscillator and Bollinger Band & Envelope.

Most frequently used, powerful moving averages:

  • SMA : Simple Moving Average

  • EMA : Exponential Moving Average

  • WMA : Weighted Moving Average

  • TMA : Triangular moving Average

  • HMA : Hull Moving Average (new !)

  • TEMA : Triple Exponential Moving average

  • LMA : Linear Moving Average

  • MMA : Modified Moving Average

All these moving averages can be calculated on close, open, high, low prices and volume that users can specify in any period . These moving averages can be added on Candlestick chart to identify potential buy-and-sell signals. For the individuals who like Bollinger Band & Envelope, all these moving averages can be added on it too.

In addition to the above features, it is also built with popular stochastic indicators. Users can specify %K period, %K slowing period, %D period. With this feature users can study stochastic indicators on any stock price and identify potential buy-and-sell indicators.

Another built-in stock indicator is MACD (moving average convergence/divergence). Users can specify any valid, long period, short period, signal period.

Quick Start Video For Point & Figure Charts

Quick Start for Financial Charting Component

We have quick start documentation for you to jump start using our financial charting component. please click here to read through.


Here are quick start video series for using Financial Charting Component:
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